Four – yes, four – new radio tour stops on the schedule! (Make it seven!)

I’m going to write this as a stub of sorts because I want to fill in some blanks later – such as how to listen live if possible – but over the next couple weeks I have several new stops on the radio tour. It’s deserving of its own page, which I may create over the weekend if I get a chance.

So here’s where I am slated to be:

Sunday, July 7 – The John Whitmer Show on KNSS-AM 1330 and FM 98.7 – 8:30 PM CDT from Wichita, Kansas

Tuesday, July 9 – The Ross Report (with Carol Ross) on KPEL-FM 96.5 – 3:05 PM CDT (after news) from Lafayette, Louisiana

Wednesday, July 10 – Mornings with Gail (Gail Fallen) on KFKA-AM 1310 – 8:35 AM MDT from Greeley, Colorado

Triple dip Friday:

Friday, July 12 – The Brian Thomas Morning Show on WKRC-AM 550 – 8:05 AM EDT from Cincinnati, Ohio (close to my old stomping grounds as a Miami University grad.)

The Voice of Reason” with Andy Hooser on KQAM-AM 1480 and FM 102.5 – 1 PM CDT from Wichita, Kansas (a return to that fine city)

The Trevor Carey Show on KALZ-FM “PowerTalk 96.7” – 3:30 PM PDT from Fresno, California

Tuesday, July 16 – The Morning Show with J.R. Williams and Celinda Hawkins on KXYL-AM 1240 and FM 102.3 – 8:10 AM CDT from Brownwood, Texas

I probably have five or six more in the works right now. At this moment the idea is to schedule stops through August 16, closing up shop when we go on vacation. I’m thinking about a “fall tour” in September and early October before I stop actively seeking interview spots so I can write the next book!

Radio appearance #2 scheduled

And hopefully it clears the logjam.

On Thursday, June 20 I’ll be joining “Brother Craig, the Hatchet Man” as he does his afternoon program on WNTW-AM 820 and FM 97.7 in Richmond, VA and nationwide on I’m slated to be live at 5:20 p.m.

I’ve been listening to a couple of Brother Craig’s previous author interviews and it sounds like we’ll have a good time!

I have another pre-recorded session to do Friday with another station in another location, air date to be determined. I’ll let you know when that airs.

First promotional radio interview scheduled

I’ve been in contact with Mike Bradley, morning host of WGMD-FM in Georgetown, Delaware, and I am slated to speak with him on my book next Friday (the 26th) at 7:40 a.m.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done radio (I just looked it up: over three years) and even longer since I did it live – the last few times have been pre-recorded segments for later broadcast. So I’m a bit anxious, particularly since I will be on the phone rather than in studio. Back when it was WICO-AM and did news talk, I would actually sit in studio with Bill Reddish and John Robinson to do their shows when I was a featured guest. I got more comfortable with that format once I realized it was just a conversation with a big boom mike between us. So we’ll see how it goes.

So on my home blog there will be another “radio days” segment., which will be #21 in the series. But I look at it as practice – how many people now do podcasts and such? Every little bit helps!