Book synopsis

My book is intended to tell the story of the TEA Party through a number of sources. Starting with a brief introduction relating my experience in the movement, it quickly works its way into a rather comprehensive look at the background and initial organization of the “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party” in the wake of President Obama’s successful 2008 Presidential campaign and the radical spending proposals he advocated upon taking office.

Continuing through the rise of the TEA Party with its huge rallies around the nation in the spring and summer of 2009, I delve into some of the personalities that guided the movement along with the slings and arrows from the mainstream media – a group that created key narratives on race and corporate support that dogged the TEA Party from the moment the Left realized it wasn’t going away without a fight.

My story continues with the electoral history of the TEA Party and candidates it most passionately backed, such as Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell. I also cast a critical eye at the shotgun marriage of the TEA Party and the Republican Party as well as the internal issues stemming from its growth into a political force that attracted social conservatives at the expense of its libertarian roots. To be fair, I include some perspective from the liberal side on the movement’s hypocrisy.

To bring us up to the here and now, I take a long look at the rise of Donald Trump, who was a TEA Party darling as far back as the 2012 campaign. The activists of a decade ago became the backbone of Trump’s support, and his stunning victory set the table for accomplishments such as the TEA Party only dreamed of. Can the remnants of the TEA Party push Trump to a second term?