Some initial reviews

Over the couple weeks since my book came out I’ve had good feedback. Here are some of the comments:

Gary Aminoff (Los Angeles-based TEA Party founder):

Michael Swartz has written this book about the history of the TEA Party, and was kind enough to document my role in it. If you are interested in how the TEA Party originated and it’s role in getting Donald Trump elected, you should buy this book.

Mark Williams (former president, Tea Party Express):

I just finished reading the newly published book by Michael Swartz on the #TeaParty and #TeaPartyExpress and highly recommend you read it too. The impact you and I had was epic (as clearly implied in his subtitle) and on par with any other political/social upheaval perhaps since the Civil War. Swartz captures it, mostly objectively, very clearly, and perhaps most important puts events into context.

Yes, I am in it. Yes, I am both a hero and a goat and a normal guy with clay feet, just like you, but together we changed the course of the future.

Read it. It’s future history.

Thanks to Michael for the enormous effort he put into researching this book to get it right.

I also got an e-mail note from a friend of mine who bought the e-book the day it came out. She said:

I enjoyed reading your book.  I find your writing style very cozy and easy to enjoy.

You told it pretty much as I remembered living it.  I was horrified by the co-opting of the Tea Party, but at the same time, politics is about power, so what did I expect?

The biggest point that I didn’t realize until our present circumstances was how deeply entrenched the Deep State was.  The Uniparty was already in place when we thought we could make some progress.  Ha!  We just didn’t realize what we were up against.

The bureaucrats, the Uniparty, and the media make for a pretty impressive bunch to try and defeat and we just didn’t get the big picture at first. 


Even though I homeschooled all five of my children, two of them are in liberal land to my horror.  Education is the start, but you are right….only the hand of God will turn this around since our hearts have to be changed. 


Congratulations on a job well done, Michael.


And I also have my first reading coming up on June 22 for those local to Salisbury (or who don’t mind making the trip – it is on a Saturday, after all.) The details are here.

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