A word about hand sales

While “hand sales” (selling hard copies of books in person, such as at a table at an event) is not considered the “go-to” means of sales for most books, I think this book could be an exception to the rule based on the experience I’ve had with a previous book as well as seeing other local authors about doing this very thing. I probably sold as many copies of So We May Breathe Free (my 2012 book) in person as I did online.

Maybe political books are the sort of thing that beg for a personal touch.

As I recall, the rule on Amazon is that I can’t undercut their price on sales, which is fine. In fact, the advice I heard at a recent writer’s conference I attended was that $20 a unit was a good price for hand sales because you seldom need to make change. Considering the Amazon price is just a few dollars less, i think it’s a good deal.

Yesterday I shipped some books out to a few fine folks who helped me out. By doing so I found out about how much shipping would cost and it allowed me to establish a price for autographed and shipped copies: $25. The extra $5 is intended to cover shipping, which seems fair.

So if you’re interested in an autographed copy – particularly since the “First Edition” batch is numbered and dated, which will not be the case in subsequent orders – feel free to do so while they last. I have a few people interested already but there are about 10 to 12 more where that came from.

Just as an update: a friend of mine may be able to arrange another radio appearance in a different location, so pray for the best on that one. Help me spread the word!

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