First promotional radio interview scheduled

I’ve been in contact with Mike Bradley, morning host of WGMD-FM in Georgetown, Delaware, and I am slated to speak with him on my book next Friday (the 26th) at 7:40 a.m.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done radio (I just looked it up: over three years) and even longer since I did it live – the last few times have been pre-recorded segments for later broadcast. So I’m a bit anxious, particularly since I will be on the phone rather than in studio. Back when it was WICO-AM and did news talk, I would actually sit in studio with Bill Reddish and John Robinson to do their shows when I was a featured guest. I got more comfortable with that format once I realized it was just a conversation with a big boom mike between us. So we’ll see how it goes.

So on my home blog there will be another “radio days” segment., which will be #21 in the series. But I look at it as practice – how many people now do podcasts and such? Every little bit helps!

Presale begins April 15!

This will be the e-book cover.

The long road is about over. I am in the Amazon queue to begin presale, with the official kickoff for the e-book to begin this coming Monday, April 15 – the tenth anniversary of the Tax Day TEA Parties which occurred around the country.

I’m shooting to have the print version ready for presale as well.

With this good news comes a little bad news, or maybe not. Once the book is published, I’m going to create a new author website so this one will probably become a redirect. But that’s down the road a piece – for now I will be enjoying this accomplishment!

Hoping for the best!

Last week I finally got my manuscript to where I think it’s ready – pretty much. The only thing I’m not sure about is how to go about working in the endnotes. (There are something like 792 of them, so that’s an important thing!) And my cover concept isn’t all that complicated, but do you think I have time for the frustration?

It didn’t help that I was wiped out sick over last weekend, although I made some of that back when I was excused from work Monday.

I’m still shooting for getting this out April 15. Prayers are welcome, of course! But I don’t recall it being so hard the last time…